African Internet Standars Forum Remote Hub Cameroon Report is available

The first Internet Standards Forum took place in Serekunda, Gambia on May 12th organized by the Africa Regional Bureau of the Internet Society. The forum discussed Internet standards and the role the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) plays in setting open Internet standards.  Panelists share experiences with participants and ways to improve African participation in the IETF, especially for graduating class, Masters and Ph.D. level University students, Internet enthusiasts and instructors in order for Africa to play a role in the development of the Internet
In order to support the initiative, the Internet Society Cameroon Chapter (ISOC Cameroon Chapter) organized in Yaoundé at ENSPT Campus a Remote Participation Hub not only to allow Cameroonian Internet enthusiasts, engineers, students to follow the forum but also to continue the discussion locally. Remote Hub participants learned about the Request for Comments process and how to follow and participate in the IETF. The remote Hub has led to the formation of a Cameroon IETF community.
The full report of the remote hub can be found here: Report_African-Internet-Standards-Forum_Remote-Hub-Cameroon
Some pictures of the remote hub:

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